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The lawyers at McMonagle Steinberg & Hester are certified specialists in representing injured workers before the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board. Of course we all want to prevent injuries, but when they happen they can affect your ability to work and cost you financially. Workers' compensation claims exist to help when work-related injury or illness occur.

Summary of Potential Benefits:

  • Medical Treatment
  • Permanent Disability Indemnity
  • Temporary Disability Indemnity
  • Return to Work or Rehabilitation Vouchers
  • Death Benefits for Dependents
  • 132A Discrimination
  • Serious or Willful Misconduct Benefits
  • Delay of Payment Penalties

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  • Over 18 Years in Practice
  • Experience Before the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board
  • Dedicated Legal Staff
  • Certified Specialists in Workers' Compensation
  • Local Sacramento-Based Law Firm
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